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For the third year in a row the ACLU-MO mounted the 10 Days of Trans Demands Campaign and with it, highlighted the work of the emerging, statewide MO Ho Justice Coalition. The campaign ran from December 1st to December 10th. 2020 and we were happy to be a part! See below for more about the 10 Demands and 10 Days: #ThankASexWorker Edition

Read the words of Missouri sex workers in the newly published State of the Hustle: Sex Workers Speak Out in the Show-Me State Report.

Sign the Pleasure Pledge and join our efforts to destigmatize and decriminalize sex work in St. Louis & Kansas City.

"One of the primary factors making sex work dangerous is the criminalization"
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Ten Days

Ten Days of

Trans Demands 2020

The Demands

Decriminalize Sex Work
Affirm Publicly That Sex Work Is Work
Defer To The Wisdom And Leadership Of Sex Workers.
Confront Sex Work Stigma In Your Everyday Life.
End All Law Enforcement Harassment
Reject The Conflation Of Sex Work With Sex Trafficking
Urgently Support Black, Indigenous, And Trans Sex Workers’ Survival
Improve Health Outcomes By Adopting Policies That Affirm Sex Work As Labor.
Oppose Laws That Endanger Sex Workers
Commit To Meeting All Workers’ Access Needs

Our Results

7000+ Instagram Live Viewers
600+ Website hits
140+ Shares
75 People took the Pleasure Pledge
Commit to this work and to affirming trans life by taking the pleasure pledge today!