Learn About Boot Camp!

MO Ho Justice


Thanks for showing interest in our Sex Worker Advocacy Boot Camp! We’re thrilled to offer trainings worth thousands of dollars. Participants will learn from local sex workers, allies, and MO Ho Justice staff organizers. You will get the chance to bring your community with you as you’re trained by organizing two community events, and a community shaping campaign. We value the time and commitment we’re requiring so our twelve campers will be paid, receive a delivered food order for each meeting, a gift bag upon completion, and skills to last a lifetime. Together we can shape Missouri for the better!

Prior to applying, please note that attendance at all 6 sessions, 4-5 hours a week availability, and full event participation is mandatory for payment.


    1. You are able to commit Tuesday evenings, June 1 through July 6, 2021
    1. You are willing to meet with a program coach and complete 1-2 hours of homework per week.
    1. You have access to a computer.

Overview of application.

  • Demographics: Name, Pronoun, City of Primary Residence Short answer
  • City, State of Primary Impact or Organizing (if different from above) Short answer
  • Have you participated in a similar training program or done organizing before? (If so which)
  • Are you a current or former sex worker?
  • Are you trans or otherwise gender-expansive?
  • Do you have any Disabilities or Access Needs you would like to share?
  • Please expand here on which of your identities are most important to you and your advocacy:
  • Have you ever attended a MOHo Coalition Meeting or Education Event? (Please share which event(s)!)
  • Please upload a video (2-5mins) of you answering these questions or write your answers below.
  • Why do you care about sex work and/or sex workers? Long Answer (150 words max)
  • What past organizing and advocacy have you done? (150 words max)
  • Where do you feel you could improve the most as an advocate? (100 words max)
  • Please share your vision for how you see your involvement in helping your community (100 words)
  • Please upload a photo of yourself feeling radiant!

*Note: sex work takes many forms. We mean this term expansively in the sense that you have ever traded erotic/pleasure labor for funds.